Graham Scott

Mesa Verde Victim

«An absorbing archaeological mystery, rich in historical detail and local atmosphere. With its colorful characters and fast–paced plot, Mesa Verde Victim is a fascinating find.»

AUSMA ZEHANAT KHAN, author of A Deadly Divide: A Khattak–Getty Mystery

«In Mesa Verde Victim, long–buried secrets are unearthed in a timeless and riveting tale of greed and plundered history set amid the majesty of one of the Southwest's most beautiful national parks.»

ROGER JOHNS, award–winning author of River of Secrets: A Wallace Hartman Mystery

«A stunning national park, enchanting local lore, and fascinating archaeology—it's all there in Mesa Verde Victim. Scott Graham's latest standout thriller is as full of twists and turns as a mountain road.»

C. C. HARRISON, Colorado Book Award–winning author of Death by G-String: A Coyote Canyon Mystery

Hounded by false accusations of murder, archaeologist Chuck Bender and his family risk their lives to track down an unknown killer on the loose in a rugged canyon on the remote western edge of Mesa Verde National Park, where ancient stone villages and secret burial sites, abandoned centuries ago by the Ancestral Puebloan people, harbor artifacts so rare and precious they're worth killing over.
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