Sheila Hollins,Annie Brine

A Family at Work

The Kumars are a hard-working family. Mum has a part-time job at the theatre, Dad looks after the dog and everyone cares passionately about the environment. Everyone pitches in at home. When Dad does a neighbour a good turn by walking her dog for her, it sparks an idea about how to turn a hobby into a small business. Soon the whole family is helping out, advertising and organising the new business and involving the local community in social action to improve the environment.
A Family at Work shows how volunteering is not an alternative to employment, but something that can either lead to paid work or bring its own satisfactions. The story and the different roles the family members take can also help young people understand the rewards of responsibility and aspiration to work at an early age.
This book is part of a mini series about moving towards work for people with learning disabilities.
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