Wilkie Martin

Inspector Hobbes and the Bones

Cotswolds carnage. A bewitching beauty. Will a sidekick’s heroism end with him washed away?
Andy Caplet feels lonely with his new wife on leave. So he jumps to Inspector Hobbes’ aid to rescue their Cotswolds town’s neighbors from a nasty flood. But his heroic elation barely lasts the afternoon when the waters recede, revealing old bones and new bodies.
Temporarily moving back in with Hobbes, Andy’s ready to rejoin the team. But when an enchanting woman targets the sidekick, he’s too bewildered to notice that it’s a sinister setup…
Can Hobbes track down a shadowy new evil before Andy is charmed into disaster?
Inspector Hobbes and the Bones is the fourth standalone novel in the Unhuman comedy crime fantasy series. If you like Sherlock-style plots, inventive magic, and pure unadulterated fun, then you’ll love Wilkie Martin’s witty mystery.
Buy Inspector Hobbes and the Bones to rip a skeleton out of the closet today!
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