Vladimir Savchuk

Fight Back

Fight Back is an amazing book that will help so many people understand the wiles and schemes of the enemy.
John Ramirez

In Ephesians 6:11, the Apostle Paul calls on all believers to put on the whole armor of God. We have many battles yet to fight but we do not fight to achieve victory; we fight from the victory already achieved on the cross.

There are certain enemies whom God delivers you from, but there are other enemies He empowers you to have dominion over. Deliverance is what God does in you; dominion is what He does through you.

You can stop being tired of going from deliverance to deliverance. You can escape the disappointment in the spiritual wilderness that follows what you believed to have been your freedom. You can stop the enemy from coming back again and again with the same strategy, and put him “down for the count” at last. You have been given all the weapons and spiritual armor you need — as you read this book, you will be equipped to use them.

Get ready to Fight Back.

Pastor Vlad leads you to Biblical truths in the Scriptures, and through many of his numerous experiences. His inspirational stories will enable you to keep your feet walking daily on the pathway of dominion in every area of your life.

It is time -
— to put an end to battles that were passed onto you by others
— to learn to use and master the spiritual weapons you have at your disposal
— to overcome dark spiritual wildernesses and to renew your mind so that you can see the transformation in your personal life.

It is time to Fight Back!

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