Aschak W. Bacchus,Jean Galliano

is… what a Poet said

… Is… What a Poet Said is a collection of mystical and spiritual poetry by three distinctive voices: Aschak, Jean Galliano, and Ekillous.
Taken together, the poems on the pages to follow invoke the various stages of life. In some poems, the poets continue to be children. In others, they are at a questioning stage. And finally, they display the wisdom of maturity. No one of them is either all child, all young adult, all completely mature, but each contains elements of all three stages.
This book, containing 36 poems of a very rich and often complex nature, is a collection to be read slowly, approached as one would a book of meditations, in order to absorb all that is offered, and to share in the fullest possible way the advantage of taking that rewarding step into the inner recesses of the mind. Rosemay Cappello, Editor of Philadelphia Poets Journal.
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