Ralph Mowat

A Tale of Two Cities

A level 4 Oxford Bookworms Library graded readers. Retold for Learners of English by Ralph Mowat.

‘The Marquis lay there, like stone, with a knife pushed into his heart. On his chest lay a piece of paper, with the words: Drive him fast to the grave. This is from JACQUES.’

The French Revolution brings terror and death to many people. But even in these troubled times people can still love and be kind. They can be generous and true-hearted . . . and brave.
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    When Mr Lorry returned, he and Defarge brought food and clothes for Dr Manette. The Doctor did everything they told him to do; he had been used to obeying orders for so many years. As he came down the stairs, Mr Lorry heard him say again and again, ‘One Hundred and Five, North Tower.’

    Kad se gospodin Lorry vratio, on i Defarge donijeli su hranu i odjeću za dr Manette. Doktor je učinio sve što su mu rekli; navikao je poslušati naredbe toliko godina. Dok je silazio niz stepenice, gospodin Lorry ga je čuo kako iznova i iznova govori: "Sto pet, Sjeverna kula."

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    In a coach driving into Paris sits Lucie, the daughter he has never seen. Lucie takes her father back to London and with her love and care, he forgets the past and learns to live again as a free man.

    U autobusu koji vozi u Pariz sjedi Lucie, kćer koju nikad nije vidio. Lucie odvodi svog oca u London i uz njenu ljubav i brigu zaboravlja prošlost i ponovo uči živjeti kao slobodan čovjek.

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    ‘Charles Evrémonde, you are an emigrant. All emigrants must die. That is the new law of France.’

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