Michael Hickins

I Lived in France and So Can You

A police raid! Unfaithful spouses! A baseball player running the wrong way around the bases! In France!

Somewhere between travelogue and a ‘Dummy’s Guide to Running a Business in France’ (if there were such a thing), I Lived in France and So Can You is a serious but light-hearted exploration of 12 years’ worth of living, working, and loving in France. Using anecdotes from his experiences running an American restaurant in a small provincial city, to managing French baseball teams in Paris, to bringing up children with two different wives, and dealing with French people from all walks of life (including an exploration of the class system that’s still alive and well), Michael Hickins describes a journey through French culture and the life-long friendships he made along the way.

It’s the perfect book for anyone who ever thought about liquidating everything they owned and moving to France, or knows someone who has.
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