Beatrice Chestnut

The Complete Enneagram

The Enneagram—a universal symbol of human purpose and possibility—is an excellent tool for doing the hardest part of consciousness work: realizing, owning, and accepting your strengths and weaknesses. In this comprehensive handbook, Beatrice Chestnut, PhD, traces the development of the personality as it relates to the nine types of the Enneagram, the three different subtype forms each type can take, and the path each of us can take toward liberation. With her guidance, readers will learn to observe themselves, face their fears and disowned Shadow aspects, and work to manifest their highest potential.
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    they identify with a deficient self more than an idealized self.
    Julie Bendixhar citeretfor 4 måneder siden
    They may have the illusion that they are spontaneous, but they tend not to be.
    Linea Rosenberg Jørgensenhar citeretsidste år
    The Three Main Type Nine Personality Patterns: “What to Do” to Address Them

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