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Every Thug Needs a Lady

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    He grabbed her butt and pulled her up close to him. She raked her nails lightly up and down his back while kissing him and playing with his lips and tongue. He was playing around in her wetness with his fingers. He pressed on her clit, making fast, circular motions. She was gyrating her hips, and was on the verge of exploding when he removed his hand and went back to suck-ing her nipples. She dug her nails deep into his back.
    “Ahhh, damn, Tash,” he complained, “the nails, baby.”
    “Then finish what you started. Make me cum.” She was moaning and shaking, but didn’t lift up the nails. He sunk his teeth in the flesh right above her breast. She shivered and let go of his back.
    “Mmmm. You like it rough, huh?” Trae whispered in her ear. “Fuck me Trae,” she groaned. “Let’s fuck.”
    “Ma, do I hear you begging?” He smiled and grabbed one of her legs, putting one leg up in the seat and the other around his waist as Tasha squeezed his dick, stroking it with both hands.
    “That feels good ma,” he said, kissing on her neck. She leaned back so that he could put it in. In one stroke, he rammed it all the way in until it could go no further, pressing deep and just holding it in. They both remained still, just holding each other, savoring their first encounter.
    “Trae baby, this feels so good. Promise me you’ll never leave me,” she said, holding him tighter.
    “Baby, I’ll never leave you. I promise. I’ve waited a long time for you.” His knees were getting weak as he tried to avoid cumming.
    “Damn, Tash, you feel so good,” he moaned. He held it in deep while she gyrated her hips, riding his dick until her legs went to shaking. She was calling his name over and over as she collapsed on the seat.
    Just then a car came around. Trae waited for it to pass by be-fore pulling Tash up. He told her how good she felt and sucked on her lips and tongue until she became excited again.
    “Turn around,” he told her. “I ain’t through.” He leaned her over and entered her from the back, lifting her up with each stroke. Tash’s legs were so weak he had to hold her up
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    to your list Uncle Yah Yah by Al Dickens and Until Tomorrow by Iyanla Vanzant. B
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    “If I win, you give me a chance with you. Take a chance with me,” he said. “If you win, I’ll buy you a car.”
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    got too many eyes and ears out here. Plus, he would have sensed something when he saw me. Niggas ain’t stupid. So n
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    Does my brother have a big dick, or does he have mad skills?”
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    me,” he said, pulling her towards him. She kissed him sloppily, still trying to get her grind on, and bit his lip while squeezing his dick with her pussy muscles. “I bet you can’t squeeze a little harder,” he challenged. She showed him she could. Then he closed his eyes, grabbed her booty with both hands and pulled her down as far as he could while lifting his butt so that he could get in as deep as possible
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    She arched her back, grabbed his head with both her hands, and wrapped her legs around his neck as she climaxed. “Oh shit . . .
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    You know it’s too late for that. It’s over, girl. The fire has been out, you know that.”
    “What d
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    The fire has been out, you know that.”
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    njoyed myself last night, a little embarrassed about the crying though. I’ve never done that before. That must have been eleven months of anxiety that you were breaking down.”
    “I’m ready to break it down some more. What time is your lunch?”
    “Any time I decide to take it. Why? What do you have in mind?” she asked. She was biting down on her bottom lip at the thought of cumming like she did the night before, repeatedly and with intensity.
    “I wanna break down some
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    lifting her up, putting only the head of his penis in. She let out a moan and then kissed him hard, as her juices slid down his penis. He grabbed her booty with both hands and pulled her all the way down on him.
    “Kaaaaay,” she moaned as she held on tight. It felt like he was ripping her a new pussy. “Kay,” she kept saying as their bodies moved
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    When I fuck a female, the only goal for me is to ride it until I’m tired of it and then bust a nut. Making love is more mental than it is physical. When I make love, that shit has mean-ing. When you make love to your woman it takes skill. Every kiss, touch, feel, hug, stroke means something when it’s your other half. I can take my time and make sure my woman is satisfied before busting a nut, but I gotta rock her world.”
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    we ain’t shit, just a fuck.”
    “That’s what most of y’all say y’all want. Not all, but most.
    Tell me you didn’t want to fuck me when you first saw me.”
    “Nigga I did not want to fuck you at first sigh
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    When I first saw you, I just wanted to meet you, you know, just kick it. Or I should say I just wanted to fuck with you. Nothin’ serious, just lust. I didn’t even know you were Trae’s dawg.”
    “I see. So you were just playin’ with a brotha.”
    “Why are you trying to sound all shocked. Y’all do the same shit. I just wanted to play with a playa. But the more time we spent around each other the more I started di
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    “I already told you I want you for my birthday present.”
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    I’m not ready to fuck yet, but I want to get fucked. You feel me? All niggas don’t know that when a ho wants to get fucked and she’s playin’ hard to get all he gotta do is know what to say and do the right things and them panties are coming off.
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    Trae baby, right there, just like that.
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    Trae smiled and unzipped his jeans. He lifted her up and then closed his eyes as he grabbed her butt and slid inside of her. She moaned in ecstasy as he held her still while he sucked her lips and tongue. “So much for foreplay, huh?” she moaned as she wiggled to get him to go deeper.
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    He made me lose any feelings I had left for Nikayah. And I don’t even feel guilty.”
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    You need to take lessons from this ho, bitch, because it’s all about me. You better recognize. And on a final note I didn’t even give up no pussy.”
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