Hannah Howell

If He's Sinful

Secrecy and intrigue ignite dangerous passions in New York Times bestselling author Hannah Howell's seductive new novel. . .
It is whispered throughout London that the members of the Wherlocke family are possessed of certain unexplainable gifts. But Lord Ashton Radmoor is skeptical--until he finds an innocent beauty lying drugged and helpless in the bedroom of a brothel.
The mystery woman is Penelope Wherlocke, and her special gift of sight is leading her deep into a dangerous world of treachery and betrayal. Ashton knows he should forget her, yet he's drawn deeper into the vortex of her life, determined to keep her safe. But Penelope is no ordinary woman, and she's never met the man strong enough to contend with her unusual abilities.
Until now. . .
Praise for the Novels of Hannah Howell
“Howell offers readers another captivating tale.”
“Another wonderful story filled with adventure, emotion, and laughter.”
--Romantic Times
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    Carina Rita Hansenhar citeretfor 2 år siden
    She smiled faintly when she saw how shocked the men looked. “I keep informed of all that is going on in my house through a few of the servants and, I blush to admit, eavesdropping. The house has a great many little nooks and passages the Hutton-Moores know nothing about. For reasons she never explained to me, my mother never told her husband about them and ordered me to keep them secret as well
    Carina Rita Hansenhar citeretfor 2 år siden
    “S’truth, none of us can recall seeing you anywhere,” added Lord Mallam. “At not one society function.”
    “Have never even heard you mentioned of by the Hutton-Moores,” said Baron Fisherton. “Yet you are a Hutton-Moore.”
    “Only in name,” Penelope said, realizing that these men had obviously gone ahunting for information about her. “Only because the old baron felt it would make it easier for him to get his hands on all my father left behind if he adopted me. The pretense that I was one of them died a swift death when the old baron and my mother were buried. I was banished to the attics and nearly forgotten
    Carina Rita Hansenhar citeretfor 2 år siden
    Penelope decided the men did not need to know that she stayed because she feared it was the only way to be certain she could still claim that house when it legally became hers. Nor did they need to know that the will said when she was five and twenty or married. As far as she knew, the house her stepbrother and sister claimed for themselves was all that was left of the riches her mother had brought to her second marriage

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