Jaquavis Ashley

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

When a set-up goes wrong and Six finds herself sleeping with the enemy, who will she choose, the man she loves, or the man she's supposed to hate? Detroit hustlers Free and Six have been together seven years, but their relationship has been nothing but drama. Free hasn't been faithful and Six has taken out her hurt by physically hurting the other women. Free ends up in jail for three years, and when he's sprung, he's not happy to learn that Six has been living the high-life on his dime and blown through $100,000! Then Six gets entangled in one of Free's schemes and finds herself in a role almost too good to be true—posing as the woman of another man who actually treats her with respect. Though you can bet there won't be a “happily ever after” for anyone involved. . ..
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    Cleon DeWight Lottshar delt en vurderingfor 2 år siden
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    Really good...

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    Nicole Romainhar citeretfor 2 år siden
    Being king meant nothing if he did not have a queen to share his world with.
    Cleon DeWight Lottshar citeretfor 2 år siden
    I can’t wait until you come home

    I miss you

    Don’t be wild’n out in Vegas, nigga

    I don’t want to have to fuck a bitch up

    Love always,

    Free smirked and shook his head when he read the text message from his girlfriend of seven years. Six had been his backbone since he was twenty years old, and they had experienced plenty of ups and downs together. Although he loved Six to his core, in the past he had hurt her more than once with his cheating ways. He was young when they had first met, and it had taken him awhile to learn how to be a good man to her, but from the first day he saw her, he knew that she would be wifey. He knew that Six wasn’t making idle threats either. She had fucked up a couple chicks over him.
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