Laura Lovecraft

If Dad Only Knew 3

A Mother's Day treat for all who know what Mom really wants on her special day: her son!

Three new stories of moms having fun with their sons behind Dad’s back…literally!

— Turning the Tables — If Dad can play with his phone, why can't Mom play with her son?

— The Quiet Game — If Ryan stays quiet, he gets a reward: his mom!

— Back Field in Motion — While Dad watches football, another game is being played!

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

As he stared at them, something else struck his leg and he dropped her shorts to pick up her white thong. Mom stared at him and when he met her gaze she winked and tapped her nose. Ryan raised the thong to his face and inhaled deeply.

He sighed at the sweet smell of his mother and then rubbed the crotch between his fingers noting the thong was wet and sticky. His arousal faded when Dad released a loud snort and his snoring kicked in again.

Mom pulled the covers up to her neck, and holding them there, rolled over to face Dad. That left Ryan staring at her now bare ass. Why was she teasing him like this?

Mom pushed Dad hard in the shoulder. Grumbling something he rolled over, putting his back to her and Ryan. Mom listened to his breathing while Ryan caressed himself through the sheet and stared at his mother's nude body.

Mom picked up one of the pillows and gently laid it over the side of dad’s head. His breathing was muffled and Mom rolled back over to face him. She lifted her leg, and while he watched, slid her hand between her legs.

She put her fingers to her lips and he groaned when she sucked on her fingers. Mom cupped her breasts and once again mouthed,“Want these?”

This time he simply nodded and with a coy smile, she picked up her phone.

“Remember when you were little and we’d play the quiet game?”

He nodded, not sure what the hell she was taking about, but her next text sent his heart racing. “If you can be quiet we can play a game.”
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