Edward Eggleston

The End of the World / A Love Story

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    And in relation to a true Book, there can not fail to be an Elect Few who understand admiringly and understandingly admire.
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    all the speech their eyes were capable of in school, and of late by words, they were engaged in loving one another, and in telling one another of it.
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    is the highest praise of the German heart that it loves flowers and little children; and like a German and like a lover that he was, August began to speak of the anemones and the violets that were already blooming in the corners of the fence. Girls in love are not apt to say any thing very fresh. And Julia only said she thought the flowers seemed happy in the sunlight In answer to this speech, which seemed to the lover a bit of inspiration, he quoted from Schiller the lines:

    "Yet weep, soft children of the Spring;

    The feelings Love alone can bring

    Have been denied to you!"
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