Casey McQuiston

Red, White

Giv mig besked når bogen er tilgængelig
Denne bog er ikke tilgængelig i streaming pt. men du kan uploade din egen epub- eller fb2-fil og læse den sammen med dine andre bøger på Bookmate. Hvordan overfører jeg en bog?
    Abu Alizadahar citeretfor 2 år siden
    Have you ever considered there might be more than one path to use what you have? Or to get where you want to be to make the most difference in the world?”
    yoooohar citeretfor 2 år siden
    “C’mon, it’s like, in the hips. You have to loosen up.” He reaches down and puts both hands on Henry’s hips, and Henry instantly tenses under the touch. “That’s the opposite of what I said.”
    Drishtihar citeretfor 2 måneder siden
    You engross my thoughts too intirely to allow me to think of any thing else—you not only employ my mind all day; but you intrude upon my sleep. I meet you in every dream—and when I wake I cannot close my eyes again for ruminating on your sweetness.
    Drishtihar citeretfor 2 måneder siden
    Okay, so,” Alex says. “Yeah. So here’s what we’re gonna do. You are gonna go be, like, five hundred feet away from me for the rest of the night, or else I am going to do something that I will deeply regret in front of a lot of very important people.”

    “All right . . .”

    “And then,” Alex says, and he grabs Henry’s tie again, close to the knot, and draws his mouth up to a breath away from Henry’s. He hears Henry swallow. He wants to follow the sound down his throat. “And then you are going to come to the East Bedroom on the second floor at eleven o’clock tonight, and I am going to do very bad things to you, and if you fucking ghost me again, I’m going to get you put on a fucking no-fly list. Got it?”
    maybeweirdhar citeretfor 6 måneder siden
    “Allergies: dust, Tide laundry detergent, and shutting the fuck up.”
    Katarínahar citeretfor 8 måneder siden
    “Alex?” Henry’s voice sounds scratchy and bewildered across the line. “Have you really rung me at three o’clock in the morning to make me listen to a turkey?”

    “Yes, obviously,” Alex says. He glances at Cornbread and cringes. “Jesus Christ, it’s like they can see into your soul. Cornbread knows my sins, Henry. Cornbread knows what I have done, and he is here to make me atone.”
    Jecko Sanjorjohar citeretfor 2 år siden
    Henry fumbles with his shirt tail, eyes wide, and starts humming “God Save the Queen” under his breath.

    “What are you doing?”

    “Christ, I’m trying to make it”—he gestures inelegantly at the front of his pants—“go away.”

    Alex very pointedly does not look down.
    Fany Estradahar citeretfor 2 år siden
    Henry’s retort comes two days later by way of a screenshot of a Daily Mail tweet that reads, Is Alex Claremont-Diaz going to be a father? The attached message says, But we were ever so careful, dear, which surprises a big enough laugh out of Alex
    Cinhar citeretfor 2 år siden
    I thought, if someone like that ever loved me, it would set me on fire.
    valeriachahar citeretfor 2 år siden
    Things he knows right now.
    One. He’s attracted to Henry.
    Two. He wants to kiss Henry again.
    Three. He has maybe wanted to kiss Henry for a while. As in, probably this whole time.
    Lírica Karnerhar citeretfor 2 år siden
    Hey, don’t threaten me with a good time.”
    Raveneshar citeretfor 2 år siden
    The worst thing is one of the first big things that ever happens to you in your life.
    Karenhar citeretfor 2 år siden
    “Someone else’s choice doesn’t change who you are.”
    Samy Pueblashar citeretfor 2 år siden
    “I always liked Luke. He’s brave and good, and he’s the strongest Jedi of them all. I think Luke is proof that it doesn’t matter where you come from or who your family is—you can always be great if you’re true to yourself.”
    b5875030287har citeretsidste måned
    Alex tries to swallow, but he can’t. He looks up, and Henry is looking back at him, mouth open, eyes wet.
    b5875030287har citeretsidste måned
    It’s Henry’s voice, sweet and posh and shaky and confused, and relief knocks the wind out of him.
    He hears Henry’s exhale over the line. “Hi, love. Are you okay?”
    He laughs wetly, amazed. “Fuck, are you kidding me? I’m fine, I’m fine, are you okay?”
    “I’m … managing.”
    b5875030287har citeretsidste måned
    give yourself away sometimes, sweetheart. there’s so much of you
    b5875030287har citeretsidste måned
    Alex wants to go to war for this man, wants to get his hands on everything and everyone that ever hurt him, but for once, he’s trying to be the steady one. So he rubs the side of Henry’s neck gently until his eyes drift back open, and he smiles softly, tipping their foreheads together.
    b5875030287har citeretsidste måned
    know,” Alex tells him again, reaching up to smooth out Henry’s brow with the pad of his thumb. “I know. I hate it too.”
    b5875030287har citeretsidste måned
    And then I was a careless fool, and I fell in love with you anyway. When you rang me at truly shocking hours of the night, I loved you. When you kissed me in disgusting public toilets and pouted in hotel bars and made me happy in ways in which it had never even occurred to me that a man
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