Kevin L. Darden

Mommies With Migraines

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Each type of headache has specific causes. These causes are specific habits each one of us has but need to avoid.
This book is the compilation of a complete treatment plan of a typical migraine patient. The mother in this book had migraines for decades. Her life completely changed with the ability to take care of her own migraines.
Please do not accept headaches. Fight them at all cost. They are stealing your life. Don't over complicate your migraines. Most patients get frustrated during a headache or migraine. I have to remind them to use what they know. The lessons in this book have stood the test of time. They work. Again, please don't get frustrated or over complicate your migraines. With so much information on headaches and migraines, a person could get overwhelmed.
For my patients, my job is to limit how much information they need in order to help them. When you get confused or frustrated, reread needed chapters. This book is not medical advice but rather information for migraine sufferers.
If you have concerns, seek medical attention immediately. In no way does this book replace medical treatment or advice. The information in this book has helped a lot of people and hope you are one of them. The harder you work, greater the reward.
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