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Why Am I Single? – From a Spiritual Perspective

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In answer to many men and women's questions as to why they are single at this stage of their lives, The Abbotts have written this thoughtful, inspiring ebook to explain the spiritual and psychic aspects of their single state. With enlightening channellings from the Ascended Masters, you will learn about why you are single, the benefits, the karmic aspects, life lessons and why past relationships have failed. If like many people, you now wish to attract into your life a perfect partner, The Abbotts will show you how with humour and spiritually inspired commonsense. A must book for everyone who is single or seeking understanding!
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    karelina88har citeretfor 6 år siden
    Spirit has told us many times “That it doesn’t matter who you are, what you look like or how much money you have - there is a Twin Flame Partner out there waiting for you, seeking you. But you do have to open your heart and mind to the possibility and begin to show your inner qualities by helping others, developing your abilities and loving the world unconditionally!
    karelina88har citeretfor 6 år siden
    Often it takes years of changing your mental pattern from self to others, until someone is attracted to you and wants to become a romantic partner.
    karelina88har citeretfor 6 år siden
    When you are at your best, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, your partner will arrive, not before, not in confusion, not through desire and suffering. But when your inner being is truly calm and ready, your true love will arrive. Have patience, it is an elusive virtue, but worth cultivating.

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