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Our Favorite Light and Easy Recipes Cookbook

With over 60 scrumptious recipes and as many time-saving tips, Our Favorite Light & Easy Recipes cookbook features delicious recipes like whole-wheat quick bread, skewered sea scallops and hearty turkey chili. Comes in a convenient purse-perfect size that's perfect for taking along on the go. Relax & enjoy!
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    Menna Abu Zahrahar citeretsidste år
    If extra muffins are too tempting, freeze them! Muffins freeze well wrapped in heavy aluminum foil…just pop ’em in the oven at 300 degrees, still wrapped, for 12 to 15 minutes to warm.
    Menna Abu Zahrahar citeretsidste år
    Chocolatey P.B. Pie

    Makes 6 to 8 servings
    2 c. fat-free milk
    2 1.4-oz. pkgs. instant sugar-free chocolate pudding mix
    1/2 c. reduced-fat creamy peanut butter
    9-inch reduced-fat graham cracker crust
    8-oz. container fat-free frozen whipped topping, thawed
    Optional: baking cocoa
    Combine milk and pudding mix in a medium bowl. Whisk together until thickened; stir in peanut butter. Spoon into crust; spread with whipped topping. If desired, sprinkle with baking cocoa. Chill for several hours until firm.

    Make dessert a grand finale…serve it on sweet vintage flowered china plates.
    Menna Abu Zahrahar citeretsidste år
    Cinnamon Muffins

    Makes one dozen
    1-1/2 c. whole-wheat flour
    1-1/2 t. baking powder
    1/2 t. baking soda
    1-1/2 t. cinnamon
    1/4 t. salt
    1 egg
    1 c. buttermilk
    1/2 c. frozen apple juice concentrate, thawed
    3 T. applesauce
    2 T. canola oil
    In a large bowl, stir together flour, baking powder, baking soda, cinnamon and salt. Make a well in the center; set aside. In a separate bowl, combine remaining ingredients; add to flour mixture and stir until moistened. Spoon into muffin cups sprayed with non-stick vegetable spray, filling three-quarters full. Bake at 400 degrees for 20 minutes.
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