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Catching Daddy and Fucking Him : Daddy's Creampies 3 (Daddy Erotica Family Sex Incest Taboo Erotica Pregnancy Erotica Virgin Erotica Daughter Breeding Erotica XXX Erotica)

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Mom's away for the weekend and she's told me to drop in at the house and make sure Daddy's okay, but I wasn't expecting what I saw when I walked in to check on him.

I find him at his laptop, jerking his cock to the porn on the screen and taking him completely by surprise.  But now that I've seen his big cock I want it—I want it all—and I'm going to get it.

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“No touching,” Daddy said again, although I think a part of him wanted to reach out to me.

“I won’t touch,” I said.  “It’ll just be your own private lap-dance.”

Daddy raised his eyebrows as I began to mount the chair and writhe in front of him, dangling my big tits in front of his face as I squeezed my nipples.

Daddy’s face was real close to them and I could feel his breath on my skin as he pumped his cock.  Each time he moved his hand it hit my thigh and when I looked down I could see that huge dick of his being rifled quickly beneath me.

My hips began to gyrate on him and I rubbed at my pussy through my jeans, feeling the heat come from it as it swelled with arousal.

I danced on him for a moment, swaying before him and mesmerizing him with my big, smooth tits that seemed to enjoy the attention they were getting.

I moved off him and stood in front of him once more, watching and awaiting his next command.

“Take off your pants, Aria,” Daddy said, rolling his hand up his dick and looking all kinds of powerful.

I was excited that he’d finally given the order and I popped open the button in a flash, slowly peeling open the zip and showing him the top of my panties.

“Turn around as you pull them down,” Daddy said, keen to get a look at my tight ass as I rolled down my jeans.

I pushed them over my big ass and curved my back outwards to give him a real good profile of myself.  He must have liked what he saw because he began to jerk his cock quicker as he watched.

I moved them all the way off my legs and stepped out of them in just my tiny socks and white panties now.

“Those too,” Daddy said and he pointed to my waist.

I teased over my groove one last time as I braced myself for the big reveal.

I bent over double as I dragged them down, using my tits to cover my modesty for a moment longer before I stood up and showed Daddy the thin strip of hair and tight little groove.

“Damn, girl,” he said.  “There’s just no way I won’t be able to touch.”
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