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Own It: Oprah Winfrey In Her Own Words

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Quotes on empowerment, risk-taking, work/life balance, leadership, philanthropy, and more from “one of the most successful entrepreneurs of her generation” (Forbes).
The public’s appetite for all things Oprah Winfrey has waned little since her Chicago TV debut in 1983. Known as a self-help guru and the “Queen of All Media,” Oprah (it’s almost impossible not to refer to her by her globally recognized first name) has been shining light on social issues and encouraging fans to “live your best life” for more than 30 years, revolutionizing her corner of the entertainment industry in the process.
Own It: Oprah Winfrey in Her Own Words provides a unique look into the wisdom and thought processes of one of the most adored, respected, and powerful women in the world. This book collects her most insightful quotations, centered around her media career, life lessons, entrepreneurship, and remarkable personal story . . .
“The key is not to worry about being successful but to instead work toward being significant—and the success will naturally follow. How can you serve your way to greatness?” —O, The Oprah Magazine
“[Multitasking] is a joke for me. When I try to do that, I don’t do anything well.” —Fast Company
“Life is always speaking to us, especially in our greatest trials. The question is will you listen to the whispers.” —Ebony
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