Insuring Success, Dan Weedin
Dan Weedin

Insuring Success

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Insurance is so much more than selling the cheapest policies. As a professional, a trusted advisor, you need to be an expert – someone who is willing to challenge beliefs and provide tough love. You have to know the "e;how and why"e; to every insurance question, and be committed to being educated on the relevance and importance of insurance. Only then will you be able to carry your message, tell a story, and impact someone's life and business, and, incidentally, actually be able to sell a lot more insurance and make a career. Stop cold calling – that's right, it's not the way of a professional. Dan details the seven more effective and efficient ways to market insurance. Then you have to maximise the value of your referrals making them work for you and your customers. The best closer? Here you can find it and also use it to accelerate the sales cycle. And always you must communicate early and often with your customers by all means possible (including the web and social networks), all the time (and not just at renewal times), but without being pushy (tough call!). Always listen to your customers but use your communications to educate them. And what about those breakthrough product that only you can offer?Insuring Success also covers: recruiting and training talent; moving to value-based fees; succession planning; creating the value proposition; professional growth development; how to become a consultant; everything you need to be a professional in the business. Dan Weedin works with insurance industry leaders to help them maximize their talents, enhance their careers, and enrich their lives. He has worked with countless insurance executives and principals across the country to grow both professionally and personally. Dan has been a very, very successful member of the insurance industry all his working life. He is a "e;Master Mentor"e; in the global consulting community, one of less than 50 worldwide, and in the Million Dollar Consultant Hall of Fame. He is a faculty member for the Society of Certified Insurance Counselors.
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