W.M. Kirkland

Ridden Through Trouble

Felix cursed the gods who took his two fellow cavalrymen from him in flashes of light. The battle was turning and not for the better. His commander sent him to round up the new recruits and get them out of trouble. Except, the light takes him and his mare to a new place and a new time. He quickly meets the lost men and learns the truth. Janus brought him to the future. But for what? He didn't know.

Stein Svargeld knew. He'd been waiting for his Roman, so considered it lucky that he'd been riding with the Romans that day. He knows Felix will need time to adjust and yet, he can't wait for his Roman lover who traveled through time to experience everything. But first, he'll have to convince Felix that Janus brought him through time for a reason--for him.

Note: Each book in this series stands alone; however the characters from the previous books show up in each one. Readers will get a more complete picture of these hot Roman soldiers traveling through time to find the men they love if they read all the books in the series.
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