Walter Scott


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    Very interesting, detailed and picturesque narration, rich vocabulary. The book becomes more and more interesting with progress of reading.

    Потрясающая книга, интересно читать сразу на русском и английском, богатая лексика, подробные описания и диалоги, местами затянутые. Рекомендую интересующимся исторической прозой и изучающим английский язык на продвинутом уровне.


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    No contagious vapour shall breathe on Janet—she shall remain pure as a blessed spirit, were it but to pray God for her father. I need her prayers, for I am at a hard pass.
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    I have said
    This is an adulteress—I have said with whom:
    More, she’s a traitor, and Camillo is
    A federary with her, and one that knows
    What she should shame to know herself. —WINTER’S TALE.
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    There is no friend can help us so well as our own candid truth and honour. Bring but these to our assistance, and you are safe amidst a whole army of the envious and malignant.
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