John Martin,Phyllis G. Martin

Tokyo a Cultural Guide to Japan's Capital City

This useful Tokyo travel guide presents fourteen original walking tours that unlock some of Tokyo’s secrets and mysteries.Although Tokyo today is a sprawling urban patchwork of towns and wards, each of the city’s districts retains a unique charm and character.Discover, in a series of linked, engaging half-day excursions, the stories behind places like Hibiya's Hall of the Cry of the Stag and “Flying Head” of Marunouchi. Visit the sites where the Forty-Seven Ronin, the “last Samurai” General Nogi, and Yukio Mishima committed ritual Seppuku. In the sumo district see where the wrestlers fight, train and live, and just a bit farther on, the massive Thunder Gate of Senso-ji Temple.John and Phyllis Martin have visited Tokyo numerous times and know the city intimately. With detailed directions and maps, they introduce the background, the legends, and the sights that bring old Edo alive.
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