Charles Maldonado

Football For Beginners

Playing sports is a worldwide phenomenon. You can look at any part of the world, rich or poor, and you will see that they too have a certain sport they all are fond of. And in some countries they have more than 1 sport with a large fan following. There may be 1 national sport but many will also closely follow other sports taking place in the country. For most people these sports have a large impact on their lives. Not only do they take out time from their busy schedules to get together to play these games in a friendly manner like on family outings. But workdays are spent dreaming about their favorite team and when they will be playing next. Large amount of money is spent on going to games and on buying official merchandise. For these people this sport becomes their life. In the United States, there are many sports with a large fan following. But this book will focus on the most watched and the most popular sport in the United States is football.
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