Susan Forward

Toxic In-Laws

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Susan Forward's practical and powerful book will help couples cope with terrible and toxic in–laws.
Toxic in–laws are in–laws who create genuine chaos through various assaults––aggressive or subtle––on you and your marriage. Toxic–in laws come in a wide variety of guises, “ The Critics.; “, who tell you what you're doing wrong, “The Controllers.;", who try to run you and your partner's life, “ The Engulfers.;", who make incessant demands on your time, “ The Masters of Chaos.;", who drain you and your partner with their problems, and, “ The Rejecters.;", who let you know they don't want you as part of their family.
Susan Forward draws on real–life voices and stories of both women and men struggling to free themselves from the frustrating, hurtful and infuriating relationships with their toxic in–laws. Dr. Forward offers you highly effective communication and behavioral techniques for getting through to partners who won't or can't stand up to their parents. Next, she lays out accessible and practical ways to reclaim you marriage from your in–laws. She shows you what to say, what to do and what limits to set. If you follow these strategies, you may not turn toxic in–laws into the in–laws of your dreams, but you will find some peace in your relationship with them.
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    Kalley Danesehar citeretfor 3 år siden
    Toxic in-laws are people who, through various types of assaults on you and your marriage, create genuine chaos. These assaults can be open and aggressive or subtle and subversive. They may range from attempts to control you through guilt-peddling or the use of money, to hurtful rejection of you because of religious or cultural differences. They are usually unapologetic and often unrelenting
    Anes Basichar citeretfor 4 år siden
    You pay too great a price in mental and emotional health if you don’t set appropriate limits on hurtful behavior. I don’t advocate that you go to the mat every time a piece of advice is offered. But there’s a big difference between unsolicited advice and demeaning criticism that is a direct attack on you, and it’s important to step back and determine just what’s coming at you. You have the right to actively deal with criticism that hurts or denigrates you, even if your partner continues to rationalize and excuse everything by insisting,
    Anes Basichar citeretfor 4 år siden
    Altruistic critics will tell you that they have nothing but your best interests at heart. If they challenge your decisions, try to change your way of doing things, or impose their preferences and routines on you, they’ll justify their actions with words like:
    Can’t you see I’m only trying to help?
    Can’t you see how much I love you?
    Can’t you see that I want to make things easier for you?
    Can’t you see that it’s for your own good?
    It’s difficult to “see” any of those things, of course, because in truth, “loving” advice you didn’t ask for and “caring” interference in your affairs inevitably feel like what they are: criticism.

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