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Mediterranean Diet Recipes Book For Beginners

Do you want to be energetic, good-looking, full of life, lose excess weight and remain healthy — without sacrificing flavor and variety? The Mediterranean diet gives you access to numerous healthy
and delicious assorted recipes that will transform your life, prevent diseases and other medical conditions such as; obesity, diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease.

This book will help you get started on the Mediterranean diet journey with several healthy, fresh and scrumptious recipes to choose from, a practical kick start guide and meal plan to get you 
started and sustained on the diet. You will find 70 delicious Mediterranean recipes such as; Breakfast Recipes, Lunch Recipes, Dinner Recipes, Rice and Pasta Recipes, Salad Recipes, Seafood
Recipes, Soups and side dishes. Examples of assorted recipe ideas you will find in this book are:

Spinach Pasta Faggioli
Halibut Fish with Olives and Lime
Tabbouleh with Lime
Italian Sausage Marsala
Egg with Roasted Asparagus Prosciutto
Egg Pesto Omelette with Mushrooms, and more

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