Guy Finley

The Secret of Letting Go

Discover the unthinkable greatness waiting within you!
You’ve felt its powerful presence...you know it’s there...a higher and fully conscious dimension of yourself that has never known defeat. This is your true nature, the part of you that knows each horizon beyond your reach today is really the threshold of a pathway to breakthrough tomorrows - a pathway to inner success you can begin to tread right now.
The Secret of Letting Go reveals the ageless, proven gateway to these vast new horizons of limitless living. If you take this journey of a lifetime, you’ll discover the greatness of who you really are. Nothing is required of you but your willingness to acknowledge that you want something more.
Release worries
Take total command of your life
Let your greatness succeed for you
Replace self-doubt with self-confidence
Achieve permanent pleasure
Make all your fears fade away
And more!
Too many people believe that in order to be happy and free, they need greater wealth, position, or approval from others. This mistaken notion keeps you chained to selling yourself and trying in vain to please others. What you really need is to let go of these chains...not to have them gold-plated! The Secret of Letting Go will show you the truth of your situation, and seeing that truth will set you free.
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