Lise McClendon


DEAD FLAT, originally published in three parts, is combined here as a complete story, a mystery featuring the Bennett Sisters' favorite Frenchman, Pascal d'Onscon. Pascal is a wine fraud policeman who is called out of the Dordogne to investigate a bottle scam in Champagne as a favor to his boss. Thus begins a whirlwind August for Pascal and Merle, as he must also rescue his sister from a bad domestic situation, investigate the suspicious death of a vintner, and decide if he will accept a desirable promotion that will take him to headquarters in Paris-- and away from his life with Merle Bennett.
"This new series with Pascal & Merle is a hands-down winner. We see Pascal in action, and danger, and more on the developing relationship between Pascal and Merle. Also a look into the challenging aspects of the wine industry and the very real issues vintners face. I so hope we’ll be seeing more of this series, with new challenges for Pascal." -- Amazon reviewer
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