Nancy Sullivan,Eddie Sullivan


A Wish For A Christmas Fish is the exciting, new second book in 'The Secret Adventures Of The North Pole' series.
One day, while exploring the surface of Reindeer Lake. Frankie The Fish saw a bright, orange ice cream truck flying through the sky! Ever since then, he has been dreaming of getting a orange ice cream truck of his very own, and has made it his special Christmas wish! Frankie has a heart of gold. He always puts the needs of others before his own. When one of Frankie's friends, Louie, is almost eaten by Rufus, a big mean fish. Frankie asks Santa to change his wish. Unselfishly, he trades in his Christmas wish to rescue a friend and help a total stranger change his life for the better. By doing so, he learns that giving of yourself is the greatest reward of all. It is a joy to be shared with everyone!
Join Frankie and some of your favorite characters; Sammy The Snowboy, Eddie Elf, Sonny, Ralphie Reindeer, Stephen and Santino-as they take a wonderful ride through the enchanting town of Jollybrook as the fishies celebrate a wonderful Jolly Good Christmas Day!
Hear all the sounds of Jollybrook! Complete with sound effects, character voices and original music soundtrack!
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