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Beginners Intuitive Eating Guide

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Beginners Intuitive Eating Guide: The Anti-Diet Guide to Stop Chronic Dieting, Make Peace with Food, & Love Yourself is a fun, yet no-nonsense guide to help you find freedom and sanity in your relationship with food. This guide provides a relatable description of how women today are being influenced by diet culture and how this mindset not only restricts them mentally and physically, but also prevents them from fully living their lives. The Beginners Intuitive Eating Guide focuses specifically on the mental aspect of eating, how restrictive eating practices are perceived as healthy eating practices by society, and how making peace with yourself can be difficult when you are surrounded by counterintuitive signals on social media and by those who follow its trends. This guide provides a meaningful explanation of what intuitive eating entails, different eating habits or personalities, and how certain mind-shifts can be made to give yourself the unconditional freedom you deserve. The diet culture that surrounds us poses many dangers, especially to those who are susceptible to thinking they are not good enough to advocate for themselves, their health, and their bodies. To find out how to say no to Aunty Jane’s fourth offering of cherry pie, stay tuned. The Beginners Intuitive Eating Guide is created to have fun with, use for self-exploration, start discovering and cherishing your individuality, and to understand that finding our own rhythm in life, when it comes to eating, will benefit you both mentally and physically, no matter how stigmatized eating has become in our current diet culture paradigm.
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