How To Power Up Your Training With These Tips Interview with Jess Martin - 20 Minute Fitness Episode #048

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On this episode of 20 Minute Fitness we sit down with Jess Martin, the owner and CFO—“Chief Fitness Officer”—of Stronghorn Fitness! He made the switch to being a powerhouse personal trainer after climbing the corporate ladder for 15-years. Ditching the cubical for the kettlebells Jess now is the proud owner of one Austin's most loved training facilities. With his infectiously positive attitude, it's hard not to be inspired by this guy.  Listen on for real fitness tips, knowledge guidance, and a good dose of inspiration.
Three Things You Will Learn 

1.) Get A Sneak Peak Into The Methods Of An Experienced Personal Trainer Jess Martin
Jess is a font of information when it comes to the best training practices to boost your well being. If you are unsure on how you should start your training or what training is best suited for your goals, Jess has an answer. Press play to find out Jess's best advice for reaching your goals.

2.) Learn What's So Special About Kettlebells
Jess's Stronghorn Fitness is 'Austin's only kettlebell based fitness solution. Most of us might be quite familiar with kettlebells already in a sense that it's a pretty common tool at every gym. But do you actually know what's so special about them?  You can find out in today's episode, where Jess shares why they have decided to tailor their workouts to kettlebells.

3.) How To Keep Your Momentum Moving
Everyone has signed up for a class or maybe even a couple and told themselves this is the time fitness is going to stick. However, rarely do we find ourselves six-months later still sticking to that same routine. Jess gives us some advice on how to stay consistent and how to approach training that sticks. Listen to the episode to hear his advice and find out what he means by 'earn your shower every day'!

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