Victor Hugo,David Serero

Hernani by Victor Hugo

Hernani is a drama by the French romantic author Victor Hugo (Les Misrables, Ther Hunchback of Notre Dame de Paris..etc).
The play was given its premiere on 25 February 1830 by the Comédie-Française in Paris. Today, it is more remembered for the demonstrations which accompanied the first performance and for being the inspiration for Giuseppe Verdi's opera Ernani than it is for its own merits. Hugo had enlisted the support of fellow Romanticists such as Hector Berlioz and Théophile Gautier to combat the opposition of Classicists who recognized the play as a direct attack on their values.
This Cast Album Recording is the first recording of the English version of this important french theater classic.
Starring French actor David Serero as Hernani, Lisa Monde (Dona Sol), Ron Barba (Don Carlos), David Mohr (Don Ruy Gomez), Kristyn Vario (Josepha).
Adapted in the English language by David Serero.
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