John Thibault

The Political Game

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In this book Thibault introduces us to the political "5-3-5 Framework" and the V3SM "V3 Story Model." No, this is not about cars but it will definitely ignite your engine and get you moving in the right direction.

The Political Game will take what used to be very complex, supercharge your policy engine and within 15 minutes if you can't nail an issue and get on course, then you really don't have an issue to worry about.

When you succeed at policy, the benefits can be tremendous. Are you game?

If so, let's go on this journey together, and I guarantee you that if you read the material and do the exercises, at the end of seven days, your mindset will be transformed.

You will move from apathy to engagement, from ignorance and frustration to inside knowledge and empowerment.

If you want more control of your political life, this is your opportunity to jump on board and make a difference that really counts, and make a difference in the world.


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