Matthew Grant

Lust for the Vampire (Unabridged)

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Eternal love or the final nail in the coffin...

Colleen Dawson doesn't know how beautiful she really is. She's waited a long time for the special night when she enters Club Fangtasy, nervous about her first time. Especially with a man who happens to be a vampire.

Ben Wilhelm won't reveal his age. (Isn't it rude to ask a vampire how old he is?) Ben's not looking for love; he's just looking for a warm place to sink his fangs for the night. When he sees the young woman across the dance floor, feelings are awakened deep within him that he hasn't experienced in over a century.

The revelation of a shocking secret organization raises the stakes, putting both their lives in jeopardy. What do you do when your survival depends on someone you don't really trust? Will the dark desires and forbidden attraction between a vampire and a human lead to eternal love or the final nail in the coffin?
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