Samantha Cole

Cold Feet

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They both come home to Largo Ridge for different reasons…can they leave the past behind them and risk their hearts again?
Regina calls off her wedding at the last minute—she couldn’t marry a man she loved but wasn’t in love with. Only one man fell into that category—Buck. However, after their one and only kiss years ago, he’d turned tail and run, leaving her confused and heartbroken.
The last thing Buck expects a few days after retiring from the military is to inherit a ski resort. That solves his problem of trying to decide what to do now that he’s a civilian again. But he also has to face his his PTSD and one big regret head on.
For six years, his best friend’s sister had been out of sight but not quite out of Buck’s mind. Now, with them both living in Largo Ridge again, it’s getting harder to ignore the attraction growing stronger between them.
Does Buck have the courage to stand up and love the woman his heart knows is his? And will Regina let him?
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