Steve Dey

How to Read People: Two Manuscript, Influence Human Behavior and Dark Psychology and How to Read People

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The human mind is a far-reaching place. It holds so many thoughts, emotions, secrets, and expressions, it would be literally impossible to read them all the time, but if you understand the basics of the human mind, then you aren’t going to have a problem when it comes to reading people.
This audiobook contains
Basics of human psychology
What is manipulation?
How to persuade people
Fundamental techniques to handling people
Tips for dealing with manipulative people
Mind control
Neuro-linguistic programming
Manipulation techniques
How to analyze people
The power of persuasion
Mind control techniques
After listening to the audiobook, you can expect to have greater insight into your own actions and the actions of others. You will have a strong grounding in the mechanics of basic psychology of reading body languages, manipulation, allowing you to make your own decisions about manipulating others, and recognise when others are manipulating you.
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