Mike Luoma

The Adventures of Alibi Jones: Six Short Stories

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Underwater aliens – Time travel – Coups – Con games – and Murder? Welcome to the world of Alibi Jones! Come along for the ride as Humankind expands out into the already populated stars. Alibi is a Mediator for The Solar Alliance in 2135, negotiating treaties and agreements between humankind and alien races, whose big heart and inquisitive mind usually get him into trouble along the way. Includes the new short story "Alibi Jones: Christmas Present", written and released for Mike Luoma's 500th Episode of his Glow-in-the-Dark Radio science fiction podcast. In "Father's Day" - Flash back 23 years to the fatal, fateful day Alibi met his father, Bernard Campion - the Vatican Assassin. "Blind Eye" - Alibi's Aunt Anita asks him to attend a political social event on her behalf, where Alibi discovers there's more to a new colonial venture than meets the eye. "Vacation" – Needing a vacation, Alibi and Katie visit Kit on the planet "Paradise." But instead of an idyllic Eden, Alibi and Katie find a coup erupting, and get caught in the crossfire of a power struggle for control of the young colony. "Alibi Jones In Over His Head" - Alibi is trying to negotiate humankind's initial trade agreement with the aquatic race known as the Kee'Klick. It's not going well. "The Wishing Stone" - When the enigmatic Finder sends Alibi off to find an old alien relic known as the "Wishing Stone", Alibi discovers 'being careful what you wish for' isn't just an old cliché. And in "Christmas Present" – Alibi's Aunt asks Alibi to find a Christmas Tree, but an accidental trip finds Alibi instead in mortal danger, his life threatened by people he thought he knew. Enjoy these shorter Adventures of Alibi Jones, adapted from his comic book exploits for prose readers, featuring new adaptations of "Blind Eye" and "Alibi Jones in Over His Head" written exclusively for this edition. With cover art by Federico Guillen.
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