Philip Dick,Frank M.Robinson,Arnold Castle,Knight Damon,Irving Cox Jr.

Lost Sci-Fi Books 36 thru 40

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Lost Sci-Fi Books 36 thru 40 - Five Lost Sci-Fi Short Stories from the 1940s, 50s and 60s
The Eyes Have It by Philip K. Dick - A little whimsy, now and then, makes for good balance. Theoretically, you could find this type of humor anywhere. But only a topflight science-fictionist, we thought, could have written this story, in just this way…WANTED: One Sane Man by Frank M. Robinson - Personnel Incorporated bragged that they could supply a man for any job. Maxwell doubted this, needing a space pilot for the first Lunar trip. Now, if he had just asked for a lunatic...The Pioneer by Irving Cox Jr - Greg was sure the kids had no right being in control of a planet; after all what had they learned about life? Still, what had he learned?The Invisible Enemy by Arnold Castle - At fifteen he was sent to war to fight an enemy he couldn't understand. But more puzzling was the victory to be won—after he met defeat!The Beachcomber by Damon Knight - Alice saw the Beachcomber as a glorious hunk of man; Maxwell saw him as a super being from the future. Tragically, he was both!...
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