Paul E Cooley

The Black: Arrival

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The crew of the deep-sea exploration rig Leaguer discovers oil sweeter, purer, and easier to refine than the fields in Saudi Arabia. To confirm their own analysis of their trillion dollar find, a test barrel is flown from the drill site off the coast of Papua/New Guinea to Houston Analytical Laboratories (HAL).

As the unsuspecting scientists at HAL await the arrival of the oil, they ready their lab for what they know is an important job. They've seen the test results from Leaguer; this find could be history.
While the barrel is on its way to Houston, an "infection" breaks out on the far-away rig. As life aboardthe rigdescends into chaos, the scientists at HAL make their own discovery--what Leaguer found isn't oil.

Trapped in their labs, the scientists must find a way to fight a creature that defies chemistry, physics, and biology.
The Black: Arrival, a parallel story to the Amazon Horror Best-Seller The Black, is a page-turning suspense novel that will fill you with claustrophobic dread.
Now that The Black has arrived, will humanity survive?
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