N.E. Henderson

The New American Mafia

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Can a man be ruthless and compassionate at the same time?
Tony was dark and handsome. Passionate to a fault. Stronger than life itself.
He promised to give me everything I ever wanted and more. I only wanted a good man and an amazing father. So that’s what he vowed.
That’s also what ripped us apart.
It’s what got me killed, leaving a shell of a man to raise three tenacious children in a cruel world.
He was never supposed to be a good man, a loving husband, or a caring father. He was destined to live up to the Caputo name and carry on his father’s legacy.
Antonio Caputo was supposed to become the Devil himself—so he did. He murdered in cold blood those he suspected of taking me from him.
He took out powerful men and made himself the most feared human in all of New York City. He made decisions that I hadn’t agreed with.
Arranging our children’s marriages for one, and I wasn’t there to stop him from moving forward with those plans.
My beautiful babies were my greatest achievements in life, and this is their story…
This is a boxset that includes Bad Princess, Dark Prince, and Deviant Knight.
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