Gary McPherson

Harold and the Angel of Death

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“What’s the matter?
Seen a ghost?”

After the suicide of his adopted father and the death of the man responsible for the loss of his family, Harold is still haunted. While his nights are plagued with chilling dreams of John returning from the grave to torment him, his days are spent in the uncertainty of taking up his father’s defense company.

Between the specter in his nightmares claiming he will kill again, and the claims of friendship from the CIA and a group illegal arms dealers, Harold finds that he isn’t sure who to trust. He’s not even sure he can trust himself…
Harold and the Angle of Death is full of action, adventure, twist, and thrilling suspense. Readers who enjoyed Joshua and the Shadow of Death, as well as works by authors such as Diane Moody, A. H. Wang, Richard Wake, Creston Mapes, and George Wallace, won’t want to miss out on this gripping second book in the Berserker series. Grab your copy today!
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