Amelia Rose

Humidity Rising

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Kristi’s life is changing fast. An unfortunate accident has her raising her niece, then she meets Wes—a man she can’t help falling for. Everything seemed to be going wonderfully. Until his crazy ex-girlfriend decides she can’t let go. Liza wasn’t supposed to be part of the deal, but in her mind Kristi and her niece are in the way and need to be eliminated. Though it’s a difficult decision, Wes and Kristi put their relationship on hold to avoid problems with his ex. It doesn’t last long. Liza is convinced that once she gets him back, he’ll cheat on her like the men in her past had done. The other woman has to go. She’s not sure what to do, but she talks to someone named Andy. He helps her—has always helped her. They come up with a plan, and late one night Kristi’s house is broken into by a maniac wielding a butcher knife.
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