Why Jenn Pattee Founded The Future Of Group Workouts Public Recreation - 20 Minute Fitness Episode #068

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This week on the 'Why I Built This' mini series we're bringing you a local guest from San Francisco who stands really close to our hearts. Jenn Pattee, who had not always been a health & fitness professional, is the founder of Public Recreation. If someone wanted to describe Public Recreation in a few words, they would probably say 'it's a fun, entirely outdoors workout group at an affordable rate'. But the truth is that it is so much more than that...
Listen to this week's episode to hear all about Jenn's story from being a designer at Apple, to starting a real revolution in the health & fitness industry. Learn about Public Recreation, a workout group that really feels like a community!
But First Little Surprise To Our SF Listeners...
Public Recreation’s new Ferry Building location, just across the street from it, opens in 2 weeks on March 19th. They are offering an insider deal to our listeners, 3 months of unlimited classes for $90. Normally it would cost $180... So there you go! Just go to publicrecreation.com/shape to sign up. It’s only valid until March 10 though, so hop to it!
Three Things You Will Learn
1) The Benefits Of Outdoors Workouts
Exercising out in the wild can sound a bit intimidating at first. But if you are brave enough to take the first step and leave the "safe environment" that is a gym, you'll shortly see great rewards. When you're doing an outdoors workout, you gain skills and use muscles that you wouldn't necessarily be able to gain and use in the gym. Tune in to learn about the benefits outdoors workouts have and how you can hack the city to become your "free gym".
2) The Story Of Public Recreation
Jenn has one of the most exciting career stories to share. She has gone from politics to design and finally when she realized that the most important thing from her life, taking care of her health & fitness, was missing she decided to change.
Her first business in the fitness space, which was also built around outdoors training, inspired Public Recreation. However before getting to what it is today, Jenn and the team went through a number of ideas, such as 'outdoors fitness furniture design' and 'subscription for a box of outdoors workout equipment'.
Press play to hear Jenn's story from getting chased off public spaces in San Francisco by security guards to Public Recreation!
3) Why You Won't Miss A Single Class At Public Recreation
There are so many workout groups out there and all give you kind of the same: burning some calories with a group of strangers. But there's one exception, Public Recreation. And the main difference between Public Recreation and the others is not the fact that it's outdoors, but that it's more than just a workout group. Public Recreation is a real community that won't just get you fit, but also introduce you to your local neighborhood and the people living there.
Listen on to hear how Public Recreation is using its power of community to ensure that you never press that snooze button on your alarm to skip a workout again!

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