C.A. Gleason

They Got Out

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Scareplane: He's supposed to save the world, but he just woke up in another dimension.
Pending: The subject's journal details his life and lends insight into the boy before he turned into a monster. Before his destructive power brought the world to its knees.
The Hatred: After agreeing to house-sit for a mysterious homeowner, a struggling musician starts hearing voices in the middle of the day and having nightmares so frightening that he screams himself awake. As he goes about the conspicuous tasks he’s being paid generously for, he begins to suspect he may not be alone in the house, and that there are plans in store for him more terrifying than he could possibly imagine.
Also includes five other stories about vigilantes, an alien threat, giant spiders, a possessed little girl, and even a zombie-slaying granny!
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