George Grossmith,Weedon Grossmith

Diary of a Nobody

An english comic novel, The Diary of a Nobody, reproduces the diary entries of one Charles Pooter, a city clerk, his scrapes, his attempts to reach high society, his despair of his son ever finding a decent position, of his friends Cummings and Gowing, and numerous comic adventures and misadventures in the 19th century middle class. The Diary made its initial appearance as an intermittent serial in the satirical weekly magazine Punch. Although its critical and popular success was not evident until the third edition appeared in October 1910. After the First World War the book's popularity continued to grow; regular reprintings and new editions ensured that thereafter the book was never out of print, It has subsequently been hailed by Belloc as "one of the half-dozen immortal achievements of our time"
Narrated by Michael Ward.
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