James Thomson

Productivity: How to Create Space in Your Life for Health, Happiness, Opportunity, and Productivity (Motivate Yourself to Take Immediate Action, Get Things Done on Time and Boost Your Productivity)

Are you tired of being distracted, or failing at simple tasks that you know you should be able to ace
Do you want to develop study or work habits that will catapult you ahead of the competition and allow you to blaze new trails and stand out from the crowd? Do you believe that improving your memory or reading speed would be key to catapulting your productivity and thus, your success

This book includes:
The Habits of Effective Learners What do those who are best at learning do every day? How do they view information? How can you learn from them?How to Read and Listen Faster A lot of knowledge comes from reading and listening, so learning how to be more effective at both of these activities is essential to accelerated learning.Fact Retention Become more efficient at retaining facts so that you don’t have to go back and relearn them later, wasting valuable time. Since most people aren’t very good at this, learning it will give you a huge advantage at work or school.How to Improve your Memory The constant distraction of the modern day leaves many of us with poor memories, but you don’t have to be one of them. The final chapter of this book will give you step by step information on boosting your memoryTime is a very important component of productivity. In as much as action is closely associated with productivity, in that, a person cannot be productive without taking necessary actions to accomplish a task, time defines and determines the productivity of a person.
Having a productive mindset is vital to completing more. Think shrewd as opposed to working harder. While a large portion of us realize that we ought to have the correct mindset, we don’t know how to accomplish
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