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Deadly Reality TV Series: The Complete Series (Books 1-4)

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It's here! All four books of the Deadly Reality TV Series... over 600 pages for one low price!
Deadly Reality TV Series: The Complete Series includes:
Easy Money - What would you do to earn 'Easy Money'?
There's a new reality TV game show that pays contestants to hurt themselves. How much pain would you endure to make some quick cash? Would you shoot yourself with a nail gun for $10,000? There are plenty of contestants willing to go on live TV to make a quick buck. Would you watch the show? The ratings are looking good. 'Easy Money' becomes the most talked about show on television.
Follow Damon Dahmer, the executive producer, as he creates such a bizarre television show. Damon is not only making good television, he is also struggling with his own inner needs to watch people in pain. Slowly, Damon pushes boundaries to find what is acceptable and what is not. Throw in his own revenge vendetta, and Damon's personal pain show viewings, and you get the first book in the series of 'Deadly Reality TV'.Is the real horror what people are doing to themselves? Or is it the man that Damon reveals himself to be? Maybe it's just scary that people are actually watching the show.
Pain for Gain - 'Pain for Gain' is a reality game show that is played in pairs and you get paid to hurt your partner.
This is the second book in The Deadly Reality TV Series.
Hurt Bank - Welcome to the Hurt Bank! The only show on television where we put money in your bank when you hurt yourself!
This is the third book of the Deadly Reality TV Series. It can be read as a standalone, but is better when read as a series.
Roll Credits - This is the final installment of The Deadly Reality TV Series.
'Easy Money' has returned, for another season of a live pain reality game show.
Recommended for ages 18+. Not for the faint of heart due to blood and gore. This is a violent book.
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