Kelly Utt

The Boy on Sunset and Main

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They say lightning never strikes twice. Puck Reed certainly hopes not. The last time he was hit, the jolt wiped his memory clean. He was a boy then, on the island with a group of tourists when he got caught outdoors during a heavy thunderstorm. Admitted to the local hospital as a John Doe, Puck's caretakers never showed up to claim him.
Now an adult, a strange chain of events sets Puck on a reluctant search for his real parents. Afraid of what he might learn and what it will mean for his future, Puck must confront his darkest secrets to find peace.
Was Puck really abandoned? Are his parents looking for him, too? And what horrors lie beyond the surface of his fractured life?
The Boy on Sunset and Main is a gripping, suspense-filled short story that explores the pain of loss, the nature of family, and the desire to know oneself. It’s an introduction to the Hideaway Isle series.

About The Hideaway Isle Series:
It’s paradise on the sparkling tropical shores of Hideaway Isle, Florida. A place where vacationers go to get away and residents enjoy year-round luxury.
Despite postcard-worthy appearances, there’s trouble in paradise. Lurking just beyond the sun, sand, and sea are threats that promise to wreak havoc in this seemingly idyllic utopia.
With riveting turns that will leave you breathless, each Hideaway Isle novel features a deep dive into a different islander’s story.
Buy The Boy on Sunset and Main today for an emotional, pulse-pounding listen you won't soon forget.
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