Clifford Simak

The World That Couldn't Be

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The World That Couldn't Be is a science fiction tale about a plantation owner on an alien world, who tracks the strange animal, Cytha, and gets a lesson in xeno-ecology.
Excerpt from the book:
"He plodded back across the field toward the house. Not much of a house as yet. Not a great deal better than a native shack. But someday it would be, he told himself. Let him sell a crop or two and he'd build a house that would really be a house. It would have a bar and swimming pool and a garden filled with flowers, and at last, after years of wandering, he'd have a home and broad acres and everyone, not just one lousy tribe, would call him mister. Gavin Duncan, planter, he said to himself, and liked the sound of it. Planter on the planet Layard. But not if the Cytha came back night after night and ate the vua plants."
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