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Ernest Hemingway's Men Without Women - Unabridged

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"Men Without Women" is Ernest Hemingway's second collection of short stories and his first publication since the blockbuster debut of "The Sun Also Rises." Here, Hemingway revisits and explores several of his familiar genres and locales (including the bullfighting and boxing rings) and adds two stories involving his favorite protagonist, Nick Adams. Hemingway's punchy, sparse style is on full display in these tales and a few of these stories have been hailed as being among Hemingway's best. The editor of Cosmopolitan called "Fifty Grand" - a story of prizefighting and gambling - "one of the best short stories that ever came to my hands...a remarkable piece of realism." All ten stories - originally published in The Atlantic Monthly, The Little Review and The New Republic, among others - are presented here in their original and unabridged form.
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